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Why should I buy ICANHEAR hearing aids?

Two brothers made it their mission to produce high-quality hearing aids available at an affordable price so that seniors wouldn’t get taken by cheap products and bad deals. You deserve the crystal-clear sound at a reasonable price that they developed for the one they loved the most.

Hearing aids with 100% American made chipsets keep your business in this country. We’re proud to keep the production of these components in America and know by doing so we provide you with the highest quality available in the market.

Financing for as low as $40 a month and no risk with our 30-day money-back guarantee!

Do I need to consult my doctor or get a prescription for hearing aids?

No, you do not need to see your doctor or audiologist to consider getting hearing aids. No, you do not need to get a prescription for our products.

While we always encourage our customers to talk to their healthcare provider whenever necessary, our variety of hearing aids created for different levels of hearing loss and different environments will work with most cases.

Do you have models that work for mild or medium hearing loss?

Yes, we have two models that work especially well for people who have mild to medium hearing loss. The best way to prevent hearing loss from getting severe or harming your life is to address it early.

The Recharge Behind the Ear and Bluetooth Open Fit have low power modes that are perfect for mild to medium hearing loss. They also have four environments, so you can make sure to reduce background noise no matter what environment you’re in. With simple tapping, you can easily change between the different environments.

Can you use hearing aids with a hearing condition?

Yes, and it’s worth a try because there’s no risk with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our Bluetooth Rechargeable have a directional mic and layered noise reduction for the highest quality of sound. Easy to change between four environments gives you extra control. These advanced hearing aids are easy-to-use and life-changing for those with severe hearing loss.

Can I use ICANHEAR hearing aids with glasses or oxygen?

Yes, you can wear ICANHEAR hearing aids with glasses or oxygen. The hearing aids will not interfere in any way with either.

Will I hear whistling or feedback when I use a cell phone?

Not at all. You will not hear a whistle or feedback when using a cell phone. There is noise-canceling technology and four different environments to choose between. ICANHEAR hearing aids provide clear sound while being easy-to-use and manage.

Are these better than the pair I purchased at Walmart?

Yes, they are far superior to any kind of hearing aids you can purchase at a pharmacy or grocery store. Our hearing aids provide an incredible quality of sound, different environments, Bluetooth capacity, and so much more. If you like a $30 hearing aid, imagine how much more you’ll love these! With a money-back guarantee and financing available, you can’t go wrong with ICANHEAR hearing aids. It’s worth the investment for yourself.

Are the ICANHEAR hearing aids compliant with the FDA

Yes, our hearing aids are FDA compliant.

Why are you only online?

Brick and mortar stores require a lot of overhead. We’re able to bring you the great deals we offer because we don’t have the cost of all those stores and employees. We put all our efforts into bringing you the best products and superior customer service.

Can I go through airport security with my hearing aids?

While you do not have to remove your hearing aids to go through security in an airport, if you have any questions, be sure to ask a TSA agent.



Which ICANHEAR hearing aid is best for me?

If you have mild to medium hearing loss, our Recharge Behind the Ear and Bluetooth Open Fit are the best choices. If you prefer having Bluetooth technology so you can operate your hearing aids from your smartphone, choose the Bluetooth option. If you want the hearing aid with the most powerful charge that will provide clear sound all day long in a more traditional hearing aid, you’ll prefer the Recharge Behind the Ear.

The Bluetooth Rechargeable are excellent if you need a directional mic and layered noise reduction feature for a more powerful sound experience. Digital CIC Blank are great if you want a discreet look and eight channels and four programs for different environments.

All our products have great sound and last all day, which pair is right for depends on your preference of style and technology!

Which hearing aids have the maximum sound?

The Digital CIC Blank have high sound quality, eight channels, and four programs to choose between. Choose speech, outdoor, restaurant, or T.V. mode to create the perfect amount of noise-canceling power for each situation.

The Bluetooth Rechargeable have a directional mic and layered noise reduction to help create sharp, clear sound. With adaptive feedback cancellation and 16 hours of battery life, these are a superb hearing aid for someone who needs maximum decibels. Comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily operate from your smartphone.

Can I use different pairs together?

We don’t recommend it. It is possible to interchange the devices, but we suggest you use the same kind in each ear.

Can I change or amplify frequencies?

We created our products so you can change between different environments, not frequencies. Every device offers at least two modes and volume levels. Between the modes, environments, and volume, you can create the ideal sound.

Is it possible to adjust between treble and bass?

We created our products so you can change between different environments, not frequencies. Every device offers at least two modes and volume levels. Between the modes, environments, and volume, you can create the ideal sound.

What are the differences between your devices?

We made our devices with different interests in mind. For the people who want a powerful device and a discreet look, we have the CIC Completely in Canal hearing aids. They provide the highest quality of sound, with our latest technology and best of all, they’re easy to use.

For the latest technology and a charge that lasts all day long, we recommend the Bluetooth Rechargeable. This device has a directional mic and layered noise reduction for the clearest and highest quality of sound.

People who have mild to medium hearing loss might prefer the Recharge Behind the Ear or Bluetooth open fit. The difference between the two being the Bluetooth technology, which allows you to operate the hearing aids from your phone. Both have four environments to choose between and last all day long.

Will your products interfere with using the phone?

Not at all! To the contrary, our products will improve your phone conversations.

What is the difference between your two recharge behind the ear devices?

The Bluetooth Recharge Behind the Ear uses Bluetooth technology so you can operate your hearing aids from your phone. The app is easy to download, and a manual walks you through all the steps. We made the process streamlined and clear to offer the most user-friendly experience.

The Recharge Behind the Ear is an excellent device for people with mild to medium hearing loss. With 20 hours—a full day of hearing, and the four different modes, these offer terrific sound with a comfortable fit.

Which set is best for a discreet look?

The CIC Completely in Canal offer a discreet look with high sound quality. These are easy to operate and come with the four modes for switching between environments.

Are your devices waterproof?

These devices are water-resistant, not waterproof.

How do I switch between modes?

An app can operate both Bluetooth devices on a smartphone. Our comprehensive manual walks you through the entire process. We also offer a troubleshooting manual in case you have problems.

With the Recharge Behind the Ear and CIC models, all you do is tap the divide to switch between modes. These are easy-to-use, and our comprehensive manuals walks you through the entire process.

Can I turn the noise canceling off?

No, and we don’t think you’ll want after you see how well it works.

What comes with the hearing aids?

A dehumidifier/dryer perfect for all hearing systems comes with all devices. Removes unwanted moisture from sensitive hearing devices and has an automatic shutoff after four or eight hours. Has simple one-touch operation.

One-year supply of the most popular battery brands and keep hearing aids performing to optimum levels. Also, our batteries are easy to fit and offer long-lasting battery power to a range of digital hearing aid types and models.

Super ear gel specially developed to make it easier to insert hearing aids. The gel provides maximum comfort by allowing devices to fit in easily. Our gel improves the acoustic seal between the hearing device and ear canal. Prevents your hearing aid from whistling, feedback, distortion, and improves fidelity.

Includes a clean-up tool with instructions to clean to keep your device like new. Also comes with a magnet to help easily inert the battery into your device.

How do I change the batteries?

There is a tutorial included in the manual that shows you how to change the batteries.

What if the earplugs don’t fit in my ear?

There are three sizes of earplugs with every pair of hearing aids so you can find the one that fits you the best.


Do you offer a guarantee?

We are so confident that our ICANHEAR hearing aids will help improve the quality of your life, we offer a 30-day satisfaction money-back guarantee.

How do I request a refund?

Our no quibble, 30-day, money-back guarantee policy is exactly that – if you don’t like, or you’re unhappy with any item you have bought from, you can return it to us up to 30 days after it has been dispatched, for replacement or full product refund (All Returns are subject to a $50.00 restocking fee). We will cover Shipping & Handling on all replacement devices. If you wish to return goods after 30 days of shipping, then you should first contact our customer care department to see whether a return is appropriate. To return goods, you need to contact us to obtain a return authorization number (ran).

You can request one by emailing or calling us on 1-844-882-7370. The ran should be quoted on an accompanying letter to explain the reason for return and ideally a copy of the original invoice or serial number. We recommend you obtain proof of delivery when returning any item to us. You will be notified by email, phone, or in writing when we have received your returned goods. Please note refunds can take up to 30 days to appear in your account once we have received your item/s although it is generally within seven days. There is a $50.00 restocking fee on all returns.

In the unlikely event your purchase is received by you and is damaged and not in working order at the time of receipt and you are not in fault as to the damage or for its failure to work then you must also contact the number above under return policy and follow the instructions for return. If we verify that the purchase is not working or was damaged through no fault of yours, you will receive a refund of all monies paid, including shipping and handling.

Does insurance cover these devices?

Sadly, no. We created a financing option to make sure our products would be accessible to people who are on a fixed income. Make sure to apply for financing if you need a very reasonable payment plan!

How do you charge?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

How long does shipping take?

We offer two-day shipping.

Is shipping always free?

Yes, shipping is free within the U.S.

Are you based in the U.S.?

Yes, we are based in the USA.

Do you offer payment plans?

We offer financing. Click on the financing tab of the website, and you can easily apply to see if you qualify!

Can I speak to a specialist?

Absolutely. You can call 1.877.300.6377 during business hours and speak to one of our hearing aid specialists.